Conditional Generation

Conditional Generation

Generating images, sound, text, conditioned on latent or observable attributes: sketches, speaker style, music type, instrument.


Architecture of a Conditional GAN (image from Isola, Zhu, Zhou, Efros 2016):

Example of building translation (image from Chistopher Hesse)

A very good tutorial by Hesse. His illustration of the Pix2Pix architecture.

Keys Ideas:

  • Generator is encoder-decoder
  • BatchNorm, ReLU
  • Skip connections between encoder and decoder
  • Discriminator stacks Input/Output on channel axis


Conditional PixelCNN, Gated PixelCNN

Conditional PixelCNNs, also called Gated PixelCNNs, build on Pixel Pixel CNNs, which were introduced in the PixelRNN paper (Oord, Kalchbrenner, Kavukcuoglu (2016) - Pixel RNNs).

Reminder on PixelRNN

  • Row LSTM: condition each row on above row, using 1D convolution -> triangular receptive field
  • Diagonal BiLSTM: using a skew trick for parallelization, each pixel depends on a 45-rotated halfspace
  • PixelCNN: Like BiLSTM but uses masked convolution to limit receptive field.

The generative process for PixelCNN is as follows:

  • For i=1..N, For j=1..M:
    • (Sample pixel )
    • For l=1..L: # increasing layers
      • using masked convolution, convolve upper, left, and upper-left pixel of layer to get activations of layer .
    • Now at the last layer , which combines information from all the effective receptive field, compute the distribution . Sample from it to generate pixel .
    • Now other pixels to the bottom and right of have their dependencies satisfied, and can be sample as well.

This generative process is very slow when implemented naively because a full forward pass is required just to sample a single pixel. However, training and validating are fully parallel because teacher forcing is used: the ground-truth pixels are used to compute the activations, instead of the generated pixels. Then a single pass allows to train weights for all pixels.


Improvements in Gated PixelCNN


  • Replace ReLU with gated activation unit


  • Image completion
  • Image interpolation

  • Class-conditional sampling

  • Text to Image


Pixel VAE

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